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The goal of the recruitment process at Borusan Otomotiv Group is to attract employees who possess an inspiring, challenging, optimistic and innovative personality also sharing our corporate culture and common values.

Career Opportunities

Our Projects

Sales Career and Development Program

Sales Career and Development Program is the new program of Borusan Otomotiv Group for those who want to build their future in automotive industry. The program offers young talents the opportunity of on-site experience, while providing a training and development process to become future sales leaders.

This program offers recent graduates the opportunity to become a sales advisor at Borusan Oto by joining the team without requiring prior experience. We believe that our project will make a great contribution not only to Borusan Otomotiv Group, but also to the future of the entire automotive industry in developing leaders.


At Borusan Otomotiv Group, we value equality in all aspects of life. Through the “Equal Borusan” approach, we are recruiting women technicians to our sector in line with the principles of equal opportunity. As part of our “Anahtar Kadında - Recruitment” program, we aim to increase the number of women employees for diversity and equality.

Join Us

You can check the vacancies within our company through “”, “Linkedin” ve “Youthall” and “Youthall” and apply for current job postings.

Internship Programs

The summer internship period is between June and September, and the application period starts in March. The high school interns period runs from October to June, and the application period starts in May.

We attach great importance to establishing close cooperation with universities about internship programs, providing detailed information about internship programs and equipping students about recruitment processes in general.


As Borusan Group and Borusan Automotive Group, we provide job opportunities to new graduates within the scope of the “Alpha” Program in close cooperation with universities in order to do our current jobs better, adapt to changing conditions and train future managers of our institution. We consider creating the necessary environment for our newly graduated friends to develop themselves and realize their potential, creating opportunities and supporting our employees as the most important key in achieving our vision.


All educational support activities at Borusan Group are carried out by Borusan Holding founding chairman, Mr. It is run by the Borusan Kocabıyık Foundation, which was founded by Asım Kocabıyık. Applications for educational support are made through the website

Performance Management

The Performance Management System in Borusan Otomotiv Group is a management tool that provides data to the management about the human capital, promotes the integration of the employees with the organization and enables the organization to reach its goals.

With our Performance Management System, we ensure that our employees achieve the strategic goals by realizing their individual targets, are evaluated fairly, equally and on time according to the determined measurement and performance criteria, improve their performance and competencies with the feedback received throughout the period. Furthermore, our employees obtain objective information about salary and career decisions and their achievements and performances are recognized by the company.


We Develop With Awareness

We know that we can achieve success by developing our individual awareness, first of all, we recognize ourselves. We become aware of the impact our behavior has on our work and on others. We seek feedback from our managers, teams and all stakeholders we work with, and we listen to these feedbacks with sincerity and openness. We improve with feedback.

We are a good team. The situations and feelings of the people we work with are important to us. We always listen to the other person, understand their feelings and make them feel that we understand.

We know the meaning that our work adds to our lives. Develop our business to improve ourselves; By acquiring new knowledge and skills, we take on new responsibilities. He is always curious about knowledge and researches; We believe in the power of lifelong learning.

We Target the Future, We Act Today

We dream together for the future and turn our dreams into bold strategies and goals that we will implement together. We determine our priorities correctly and act with agility. With our strong reflexes, we make informed and quick decisions. We maintain our determination even in uncertain and risky situations, and take responsibility for achieving results. Relentlessly, we follow the future story we dream of for success.

We are always in pursuit of the new. We implement new ideas without fear of making mistakes. We learn from our mistakes without losing our positive point of view, we try again; we learn again. We support new ideas and initiatives and become the pioneer of change.

It closely follows the market, technology, trends and competitors; We make a difference by making the best use of the opportunities in the market. We are always looking for ways to do the job better. We continuously improve our business by using new technologies and lead the sector.

We Believe in the Power of Our Team

As Borusan leaders, we know that the secret of our success lies in the strength of our team. We form teams that will share Borusan's dream for the future and reflect their excitement to their work. We get to know each team member closely, support their development, and share authority and responsibility with our teams. Thus, we create a working environment where each can reveal their potential.

We become a role model with our leadership behavior and inspire our teams. With the positive leadership climate we have created, we maintain our team's belief in success even in the most challenging times, and we achieve results with high energy. We set clear targets for high performance and support continuous improvement with timely and open feedback. In our evaluations, we separate performance and potential with fairness.

Together We Succeed

We believe in the power of success together. We always sincerely appreciate our achievements, and we develop with the strength we receive from each other.

We know that we can achieve success only with teams that communicate openly and transparently and act with a common mind. Therefore, we boldly speak our minds and constructively question each other's views in order to achieve the better.

The basis of our working culture is to be open to all opinions. We value each other's opinions and manage disagreements with persuasion processes based on mutual gain and positive language.

Career & Talent Management

At Borusan Otomotiv Group, we regard each employee as a “talent”.

In terms of Talent Management, it is very crucial to know and manage the career expectations and goals of the young and highly qualified employee profile in our organization, guiding them to develop targets that align with the company’s objectives.

Development Centers conducted in our company focus on identifying the strengths and areas for improvement of our employees in an objective manner. They also help to determine the development levels of the employees who are potential candidates for strategic positions, based on specific competencies.

While evaluating vacancies, the successors of the related position is checked within the company and the process is completed with the appointment of the successor for the new position.

The internal and external job posting processes are initiated in cases where there is no successor for the position. During the evaluation process candidates go through competency-based interviews, personality inventories, manager interviews and assessment center applications.

Alpha Internship

We offer long-term internships to third- and fourth-year university students or graduate students through our Borusan Alpha Internship Program.

While continuing their educations, the students work as interns for 2 or 3 days a week. From the first day of the internship onwards, they work together with experienced team members of Borusan Otomotiv Group, participate and contribute in projects and improve themselves. Thus, they start their careers one step ahead. After their graduation we evaluate them for the Borusan Alpha Young Talent Program and support them for the continuity of their Borusan journey.

Alpha Young Talent

As part of Borusan Alpha Young Talent Program, which we have been carrying out since 1991 and was awarded internationally by The Peer Awards for Excellence, we recruit highly potential fresh graduates and develop them to become future leaders at Borusan Otomotiv Group. The students who are able to complete their undergraduate or postgraduate studies in June-July of the current year, are evaluated according to their potentials. By engaging the graduates in a two-year structured development program, they start to work in full-time employment at our company.

My Mentor

My Mentor program, which was established in 2019, we bring our employees together with our managers for mentoring process every year.The program is mutually beneficial for both Mentors and Mentees, as it contributes to leadership development of the Mentors and competency development and personal leadership of the Mentees. We define the program as a development path that supports improvement of everyone through the transfer of corporate know-how and experience, while also creating motivation and enhancing leadership and communication skills of our employees.

Talent Management

We monitor our talent management processes comprehensively every year in order to support high-performance & high-potential employees and to improve the talent pool according to the organization's succession plans.

Executive Development Program

We support our new executives by following a development program in which the employees who are recently appointed to manager roles, onboard and improve them in terms of individual leadership and team leadership skills.

Remuneration and Rewarding

Borusan Otomotiv Group utilizes job evaluation method and aims to create a remuneration policy which is fair, competitive and consistent with market dynamics. Annual salary surveys specific to automotive industry are taken into consideration to define remuneration policy.

Accordingly, we implement a remuneration policy based on market dynamics and performance to support the strategy and competitiveness of our companies.

Salary increases are realized once a year and based on the content of the work and the performance of the employee. In addition to the base salary, our employees receive bonus payment, private health and life insurance, and personal retirement insurance, based on their job positions. Our managerial level also entitled to a company car.

Mentoring Program

As Borusan Automotive Group, there is a program for all our volunteer employees working in our companies, where they will benefit from the experiences of our Mentors determined within the Company, contribute to their development and adapt to the company culture more effectively.

Backup Program

As Borusan Otomotiv Group, we determine the key roles in our companies and our employees who can be candidates for those roles in the short, medium and long term. We create development plans in order to prepare our employees, who are candidates for relevant key roles, for their future roles. Individually created development plans consist of Coaching / Mentoring, Classroom / Online Trainings, Project studies and rotation practices.

Wage Management and Rewarding

In Borusan Otomotiv Group, it is aimed to create a fair, competitive and compatible wage policy by evaluating the jobs with the job evaluation method; While determining the remuneration practices, annual sectoral wage surveys are also used.

In this direction, we implement market dynamics and performance-based wage policy in our companies in a way that supports the strategy and competitiveness of our companies. Salary increases determined depending on the content of the job and the performance of the employee are realized once a year.

In addition to the basic wage, our employees are offered premium application, private health, life and private pension insurance opportunities according to their positions. There is a vehicle facility for our managers.

Recognition and Rewarding

At Borusan Otomotiv Group, we have implemented recognition and rewarding systems to acknowledge outstanding achievements and distinguish our employees. In order to increase awareness of the recognition process, we have created the brand “YouAreValued”.
We have rewarding systems intended for the needs and expectations of different employee groups.
Team Player of the Month — The platform where customer-facing employees are rewarded
Outstanding Performance at Workshop - The system for rewarding our workshop colleagues

Seniority Awards

We reward our colleagues with a seniority of 5 years and more by expressing our gratitude at the seniority awards ceremony organized every year, where we reward them for their dedication and loyalty.

We take the leadership of the business swear responsible for, continuously challenging ourselves and driving and managing change.

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