Borusan Otomotiv Group has predicated its company-wide sustainability roadmap on its vision of “Being a Pioneer in the Electrification Transformation of the Turkish Automotive Sector”, in parallel with the principle of benefitting the society, environment, and customers.Thus, by bringing a new approach to automobile use in Türkiye, it aims to be the pioneering company that generates solutions to environmentally friendly transportation.

In addition, Borusan Otomotiv Group continues its activities by positioning employee and customer satisfaction at the heart of its works on sustainability. Accordingly, Borusan Otomotiv Group Sustainability Committee was established in 2020 under the leadership of the Chairperson of the Executive Committee and consisting of managers from all brands and critical functions of the company.

With the works of the Sustainability Committee, Sustainability Strategy Targets and follow-up indicators related to Climate, People, Innovation value areas have been determined on an annual basis until 2030 and are periodically followed up with performance measurements and improvement actions.

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