The Platform of Ocean Volunteers at Borusan was founded in 2008 to benefit from the knowledge and skills of Borusan employees in a volunteering approach and contribute to society with social benefit projects.  

Borusan volunteers implement projects with a wide impact in different fields such as education, culture, art, environment, health and human rights through cooperation with various non-governmental organizations.

The Platform of Ocean Volunteers carries out many projects, from environmental cleaning to supporting non-governmental organizations.

The Platform enables employees to use their knowledge and skills in socialresponsibility projects with a volunteering approach to produce effective solutions in issues such as education-child, health, environment and aid campaigns.



YGA is a non-profit organization founded in Türkiye and raises double-winged youths who help us look to the future with hope.

Read, Think and Share: The aim of 'Read, Think and Share' is to discover the shining stars at disadvantaged primary schools and to train the leaders of the future who think creatively, write, share, read, and research with good skills of self-expression and awareness of social responsibility.

We have built 2 libraries at Gaziantep GAP Visually Impaired Primary School and MecidiyeköyParıltı Visually Impaired Children Support Association and performed trainings with our team consisting of 37 volunteers.

Istanbul Akvaryum Trip: : We conducted a thematic aquarium trip for visually impaired children with the participation of 10 students.

Food Workshop: : We had a delicious and enjoyable day making pizza and cakes at the cooking school with the participation of 16 visually impaired children accompanied by 2 volunteers. While our students were preparing pizza and cakes, they were excited to gain new friends and new achievements during the teamwork.

Theatre Event: We watched the theater play “Sinan at Süleymaniye” at Cevahir Shopping Mall with our visually impaired students as well as other students from YGA Workshop.

The Dream of Our Visually Impaired Student: : We realized the dream of Hakan, one of our visually impaired students, which was to present a radio program at Radio Trafik.

Vocational High School Coaching Program

We have been implementing this project with the Özel SektörGönüllüleriDerneği[Association of Private Sector Volunteers] every year since 2014. In this project, our selected students from 11th and 12thgrades in vocational high schools receive 12 hours of coaching training from each of our volunteers.

Motivating our Children with Intellectual Disabilities

As Borusan Otomotiv Group, we have supported the project with 27 participants from five different countries, towards children with intellectual disabilities at rehabilitation centers to increase their motivation and show that they are not alone.

Give & Gain Employee Volunteer Week

Together with Elim Sende Association, we made a museum trip with 9 students from disadvantaged schools that had lower education levels. We visited PeriliKöşk and attended a workshop at Borusan Contemporary Children's Workshop with the children. Afterward, we had lunch accompanied by the views of the Bosphorus.

School Friendly Program

During the “Green Penguins” event, our volunteers carried out studies for 4th and 5th-grade students to raise awareness on global warming and the conservation of nature. They shared knowledge by conducting experiments and interactive studies with the students.

For the “Curious Books” event, our volunteers read the books “35 Kilos D'espoir” and “The Season of the Disappearance of Cats” to 3rdgrades and organized engaging activities to create excitement, curiosity and interest in reading books and improve children's imagination.

Bahçelievler Child Protection Institution

Our 8 volunteers became brothers and sisters with 48 disabled children who were under protection at the rehabilitation center within Bahçelievler Child Protection Institution. After getting acquainted with the children, we organized activities such as theater, picnic and lunch. Our volunteers meet with the children at different events 4 times a year to ensure the sustainability of the project.



During the pandemic, we donated protective clothing and face shield visors for healthcareprofessionals at YeşilköyAcıbadem International Hospital. We have donated protective clothing, masks and digital blood pressure monitor to İstinye Public Hospital and masks to Malatya Hekimhan Public Hospital.


Acorn Collection Day

As Borusan Group, we got together with TEMA Foundation andTurmepa ve Özel SektörGönüllüleriDerneği[Turmepa and Private Sector Volunteers Association] at Istanbul Belgrad Forest on the “Acorn Collection Day”. During the event held with the participation of 236 people including our guests from Bolluca Children Village and 55 people from Borusan Otomotiv Group, we collected lots of acorn seeds. We planted some of the seeds to make seedlings at our homes and offices and delivered the remaining seeds to TEMA. We also contributed further to the environment by collecting garbage at Belgrad forest.

Collection of Caps

The purpose of our event was to collect blue caps and donate wheelchairs to the Türkiye Omurilik Felçlileri Derneği [Spinal Cord Paralytics Association of Türkiye].

We aimed to raise environmental awareness among our children by performing activities regarding “Environment and Children” at Borusan Oto İstinye. Our children supported this meaningful project by bringing the caps they have collected through their efforts. At our first event, we collected 273 kilograms of caps and at the second event 313 kilograms. We shared gifts and certificates with our children who ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd. We also organized entertaining activitiessuch as clown, cartoonist and sausage balloon so that children could enjoy their time. At our second event, the singer Kutsi joined us with his performance.

Moreover, we donated 1 wheelchair to Sabri Gün, from the Türkiye Omurilik Felçlileri Derneği [Spinal Cord Paralytics Association of Türkiye], who had 83% loss of function due to cerebrovascular disorder.

Coastal Cleaning

“Kumsaz Coastal Cleaning” event was organized across the Borusan Group and we participated in the event to show our support. We collected 228 kilograms of waste during the event.

Aid Campaigns

Support Campaign for the Topkapı Fukara Perver Cemiyeti [Topkapı Society for the Impoverished People]

We organized a campaign to collect kitchen equipmentsand toys for TopkapıFukaraPerverCemiyeti which works for the public interest. As a result of the campaign, we donated 29 boxes of materials in total.

Extending our Helping Hand

As Borusan Otomotiv Group, we organize campaigns to collect clothing, shoes, toys and books for the benefit of LÖSEV, KEDV, ADD, Darülaceze Primary Schools and similar institutions and we regularly send the collected materials to relevant institutions and organizations.

LÖSEV Souvenir Booth

In order to support LÖSEV and contribute to the happiness of children suffer from leukemia, we establish souvenir booths in all our branches at the end of every year to contribute to the sales of souvenirs from LÖSEV.

Yedikule Animal Shelter

We donate newspapers and blankets monthly to Yedikule Animal Shelter to improve hygiene conditions there and to allow 3000 dogs living at Yedikule animal shelter to lie on them in the cold.

Houses for the Stray Dogs

We built houses for stray dogs by using wooden cargo pallets at Borusan Oto workshops. AsımKocabıyık High School employees and students participated in the project and we sent the doghouses to Giresun to support the stray dogs in severe winter conditions.

Second-Hand Items, First-Hand Needs

We provided support to the Acil İhtiyaç Projesi Vakfı [Project for Immediate Needs Foundation] and the Open Wardrobe store by donating 31 boxes of toys, clothes, bags, shoes and household primary needs.

Van Earthquake Aid Campaign

We delivered 88 packages of scarves, beanies, gloves, socks, boots, sweaters, coats and blanket products for our citizens who unfortunately became homeless during the Van earthquake.

Hakkari Second-Hand Clothing Campaign

We sent 6 boxes of clothes, shoes and household items to Hakkari YüksekovaDilektaşı Village Elementary School to be shared with the students in need.

Stationery-SportEquipment and Food Collection Campaign

We collected aid packages consisting of 220 boxes of stationery and sports equipment and 5 boxes of candy, chocolate, Turkish delight and mixed nuts in our campaign. They were sent to Bereketli Village Primary/Secondary School at İdil district of Şırnak province.

The campaign was carried out with the support of our employees, customers and one of our suppliers.

Ramadan Package

As Borusan Otomotiv Group Ocean Volunteers, we donated 1390 Ramadan boxes to the help campaign of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in order to support our citizens who experienced financial difficulties during the pandemic period.

Aid Campaign after İzmir Earthquake

Following the earthquake disaster in Izmir, we supported the campaign launched by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with food and hygiene packages to help those in need. The company volunteers donated their individual helps for those affected by the earthquake and Borusan Otomotiv Group donated the same amount additionally as rental help.

Aid Campaign after Bodrum Forest Fire

After the fire disasters in our country, we donated 1,826 seedlings to TEMA Foundation with the donations of our colleagues and the support of our company. All branches and suppliers also joined us in providing and sending the materials in the list of requirements.

Book Donation

As Borusan Otomotiv Group, each year we select a city to establish a library at one of the schools in need and our employees support the project by donating books.

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