Our Employees Are
Our Greatest Strength.

Hybrid Working Model

At Borusan Otomotiv Group;

There are 2 working models; an on-site model and a hybrid model that depend on the nature and the readiness of the job and role.

In all working models it is essential to maintain and internalize the company culture.

Regardless of the working model, our employees get together for cooperation, coordination and socialization.

A high performing, efficient and self-disciplined way of doing business is essential in all working models.

Our leaders effectively manage all colleagues working in different models, treat them fairly and equally.

In all working models, the balance between work and private life is maintained and the employee's well-being is taken into account.

Basic working principles established by Borusan Otomotiv Group are fully applied by the employees in all working models.

Employee Engagement Project Group The project team, established on a voluntary basis, supports Employee Engagement processes

Employee Engagement Survey is conducted annually by an independent research company. A detailed survey including 15 categories is held biennially and a pulse-check is conducted in the interim periods.

Every year, our survey results show an engagement score of 80 and higher, and we support the sustainability of these achievements by implementing action plans. An internal project team, established voluntarily among our employees, contributes actively to this process.

Birthday Leave In addition to the annual leave provided to all employees at Borusan Otomotiv Group, the company offers a discretionary “one-day” paid birthday leave to celebrate their birthday.

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