Always One Step Ahead

Our talented employees working with us today provide a solid foundation for our long-term growth goals. In this regard, we offer fair recruitment opportunities for all our candidates.

All employees working at Borusan Otomotiv Group have the opportunity to be promoted. According to the criteria determined within the framework of roles and responsibilities, assessments are made based on business results and competencies.

You can check the vacancies within our company through “”, “Linkedin” ve “Youthall” and apply for current positions.

Alpha Internship
We offer long-term internships to third- and fourth-year university students or graduate students through our Borusan Alpha Internship Program.

While continuing their educations, the students work as interns for 2 or 3 days a week. From the first day of the internship onwards, they work together with experienced team members of Borusan Otomotiv Group, participate and contribute in projects and improve themselves. Thus, they start their careers one step ahead. After their graduation we evaluate them for the Borusan Alpha Young Talent Program and support them for the continuity of their Borusan journey.

Alpha Young Talent
As part of Borusan Alpha Young Talent Program, which we have been carrying out since 1991 and was awarded internationally by The Peer Awards for Excellence, we recruit highly potential fresh graduates and develop them to become future leaders at Borusan Otomotiv Group. The students who are able to complete their undergraduate or postgraduate studies in June-July of the current year, are evaluated according to their potentials. By engaging the graduates in a two-year structured development program, they start to work in full-time employment at our company.

University Partnerships
According to the innovative approach and future vision of Borusan Otomotiv Group, we pay attention to the development of young people who will lead the future. With our university partnerships, our aim is to bring in young talents to automotive industry by supplying them with various experiences in line with their interests. In addition to the university projects and case studies we conduct, we actively participate in various university events and maintain a strong presence in all areas where young talents are present. Borusan Otomotiv Group always supports new graduates who aspire to pursue careers in the automotive industry, and we enhance our innovative approach by drawing inspiration from their perspectives through our interactions with them.

Mentorum - My Mentor
My Mentor program, which was established in 2019, we bring our employees together with our managers for mentoring process every year.The program is mutually beneficial for both Mentors and Mentees, as it contributes to leadership development of the Mentors and competency development and personal leadership of the Mentees. We define the program as a development path that supports improvement of everyone through the transfer of corporate know-how and experience, while also creating motivation and enhancing leadership and communication skills of our employees.

Borusan Academy
Borusan Academy carries out corporate learning and individual development needs with an integrated and systematic model and; *Provides dissemination and penetration of corporate culture and values.
*Supports continuous improvement with lifelong learning philosophy and creates a “Learning Culture” within the company.
*Provides employees with the most up-to-date content and methods by following trends around the world.
*Supports the employees with resources and methods that are adapted to the personal learning style and speed.

Executive Development Program
We support our new executives by following a development program in which the employees who are recently appointed to manager roles, onboard and improve them in terms of individual leadership and team leadership skills.

Leadership Faculty
Leadership Faculty aims to support the employees with high performance and potential at Borusan Group with a carefully prepared and structured development program to improve and prepare them to their next role. The program includes trainer-led workshops, seminars, hands-on practices, digital learning resources, trainings and mentoring/coaching support. Participants of the Leadership Faculty are offered customized programs based on their levels and needs.

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