We take on leadership for our responsibilities. We start and lead the change by continuously questioning what we do.

Human Resources

Borusan Otomotiv employees always feel that they are part of the distinguished brands they represent. Our productive, innovative and highly motivated employees desire to create an environment-friendly world and a modern working environment with the highest standards. Borusan Otomotiv handles employee expectations and tries to improve their living standards.

Borusan Otomotiv employs 1000 people working in the Dealer and Service organization and regards each of them as an individual. With an experience of over 30-years in retail sales and after sales services, Borusan Otomotiv, Dealers and Services constitute a pioneering group with the highest quality of technical support in the automotive industry in Turkey thanks to its trained and competent technical staff.

HR Systems


At Borusan Otomotiv, recruitment is performed upon a position requirement in line with the vision, mission, targets and corporate culture of the company and by using contemporary assessment and evaluation methods. We choose professionals who meet the values of our company and the brands we represent as well as the job requirements and those who would make a difference with their performances. The target is recruitment with the "right person for the right job" philosophy through assessment of the candidates in terms of the job requirements and their behavioral tendencies.

Performance Management

The performances of the employees are monitored by their direct managers throughout the year. With the year-end meetings and multi-perspective evaluations, the performance and realization rate of individual targets based on company targets are determined. According to the Performance Evaluations, training and development plans are prepared for employees in line with their needs.

Training and Development

The basic principle of the training and development activities is to help employees add knowledge, skill and competence to the job targets and personal development by ensuring that they do the right job and supporting them to be the best in their job. In line with the philosophy that the individual is primarily responsible for training and development, employees are encouraged to participate in all kinds of training, seminar, fair, etc. as per their annual development plans by considering their current skills, jobs or potential future jobs.

Technical Training - Borusan Otomotiv BMW Grup Eğitim Kataloğu 2019
Technical Training - Borusan Otomotiv JLR Grup Eğitim Kataloğu 2021 (TR)

Recommendation Systems

Employees are awarded for their recommendations targeting the financial gain for the company or the increase in the customer and employee satisfaction. This system is open to the participation of all the employees and the rewards are given upon an evaluation by a committee that is formed by the employees.

Working Conditions

Leave Rights
Annual paid leave rights are 18 working days for the employees with 1-5 years of experience, 22 working days for the employee with 6-15 years of experience and 26 working days for the employee with experience of more than 15 years.
Working Hours
08.00-12.30 / 13.30-17.00
08.00-12.30/13.30-17.00 (Friday)

Flexible Working Hours system is practiced in Borusan Otomotiv; our employees can specify the start and end of their working hours as they wish, provided that they complete the "daily" working hours according to the defined framework.
Health Insurance
Private health and life insurance is provided for the employees as per "business evaluation" types and the amounts change annually.
Salary Policy and Benefits
Salaries are paid 12 times a year. Sales bonus system is applied for the sales group employees, after sales bonus system for after sales group employees, manager bonus system for the management-level employees as per the company performance, and performance bonus system for successful employees with high performance. Pay adjustment is performed once a year in January and it varies by performance and inflation.
There are employee shuttles run via certain routes to provide transport for the employees.
Lunch is provided by the company; quality meals are supplied by the contracted catering facilities. Workshop employees have two rest breaks and tea-coffee break; one of which is in the morning and the other is in the afternoon. Smoking is only allowed outdoors.
Social Activities
To improve social life and socialization among the employees, the social club organizes meetings, theater and music activities. Employees are provided with indoor sports center at Borusan Oto Avcılar facility. Taking part in non-profit organizations’ projects for society’s benefit is also highly supported and encouraged.
Culture and Art
Borusan Culture and Arts Foundation contribute to the enrichment of the art life of our society with the cultural and artistic events such as concerts, panel discussions, workshops, video shows, etc. Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra, which was founded in 1993 as a Chamber Orchestra and turned into a Philharmonic Orchestra in 1999 as a result of its continuously expanding number of experienced and skilled performers and the participation of the Conductor Gürer Aykal, is a gift of Borusan Group to our society. We support the our employees to participate in cultural and artistic activities. We also announce these activities on a regular basis.
Flexible Benefits
Flexible Benefits enables us to create additional benefits packages according to our needs. Flexible benefits program lets us choose benefits among: check-up, life insurance, dental and eye examination packages, English language education, shopping vouchers, hobby packages, holiday packages, etc.
To accelerate the adaptation of new comers to corporate culture and work, we have Co-Pilot application.
Other Benefits
Borusan Otomotiv offers advance payment and credit opportunities as well as private health and life insurance and private pension opportunities. Special employee discount for the brands sold by the company is available for the employees to buy. In addition, Borusan Group employees and their families can benefit from periodical special discount agreements signed with other companies (restaurants, social facilities, health institutions, etc.).