Everything started on Meclisi Mebusan Street No:323 Orya Han. Borusan Oto, established as a partnership of Giwa GmbH and Borusan Holding, has retained its pioneering position in the automotive industry. Borusan Otomotiv started its business life in 1984 with BMW dealership. It is the oldest distributor company without any change its management structure.


Quarterly BG magazine, published to inform the customers about Borusan Otomotiv and the brands it represents, meets readers.


Borusan Otomotiv, offering superior products to its customers with quality services, now presents new alternatives other than purchasing. Borusan Otomotiv starts to offer long term vehicle leasing services with high standards and service quality.


Dr. Ganal, Member of the Board and Director of Sales and Marketing at BMW AG visits Borusan Oto Avcılar, Borusan Oto İstinye and Kosifler Oto Bostancı.


Borusan Otomotiv proudly celebrates 30 years in business.


Borusan Otomotiv is the World Champion in BMW Customer Acquisition and Loyalty Program.