About Us

Founded under the name Borusan Oto, our Automotive Group now proceeds with four companies; Borusan Otomotiv İthalat ve Dağıtım A.Ş., Borusan Oto Servis ve Ticaret A.Ş., Borusan Otomotiv Pazarlama ve Ticaret A.Ş. and Borusan Oto Kıbrıs Ltd. 2019 has marked our 35th anniversary.

Borusan Otomotiv was established in 1984 as a BMW distributor with 47 employees. That year 16 automobiles and 2 motorcycles were sold. Over the time it has transformed into a company which incorporates valuable brands such as BMW, MINI, Land Rover and Jaguar. Known for its facilities technology, quality standards, competent employees, customer orientation, and social responsibility projects; Borusan Otomotiv has transformed into a company with a leading position in the industry, which has brought many innovations.

Borusan Otomotiv, founded with the partnership between Borusan Holding and Giwa Holding operating in Germany has been the Turkey distributor of BMW. With the addition of BMW Motorrad in 1992, Land Rover in 1998, MINI in 1999 and Jaguar in 2014; the range of Borusan Otomotiv has expanded.

The years have witnessed Borusan Otomotiv’s contributions to its sectors and as well as the overall industry as demonstrated by the number and quality of the brands represented today. Borusan Otomotiv has also become an exemplary model with its customer oriented approach and practices, 24 hours emergency service, outdoor sales (customer visit), independent customer relations department and central customer data bank in addition to being a pioneer in offering test drives.

The company has a wide range of products in the highly competitive environment of automotive industry today. Five brand management teams in charge of both sales and marketing activities work rigorously to create maximum brand value in addition to commercial achievements.

The integration of new brands brought the need for re-structuring of our company and affected dealers and services while the wide product range enabled us to access regions that would not be feasible only with BMW activities.

Borusan Otomotiv benefits from the latest developments in technology and opportunities of human resources in order to achieve the highest rates in customer satisfaction. Due to this approach, Borusan Otomotiv Dealers and Services have earned a reputation as an organization that provides the best sales and aftersales services. The highly competent dealers and services are among the main factors of the company’s success.

In addition to commercial activities, Borusan Otomotiv has also been a pioneer in terms of its social contributions such as Borusan Oto Primary School in Avcılar or Okyanus Volunteer Platform. Borusan Otomotiv has also been a supporter of various sports and cultural activities.

Our Mission

We offer unique experience to our customers and sustainable value to our stakeholders with our innovative products and services in the automotive sector.

Our Vision

To be the first choice and pioneer company in premium automobile and motorcycle segment.